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 Arte del Libro 

artistic publishing and bookbinding

from the ancient workshop to the art of the book

Handicraft becomes Art and creates exquisite "Paper Gems"


soft, unique, eternal

In soft goat or lamb skin, parchment revives the ancient splendour of Pergamon

all unique pieces

parchment, papyrus, silk, gold, hide, wood ...

Exquisite, finely-worked materials for the pleasure of uniqueness


Our company’s long experience in publishing and artisanal typography is reflected in the ability, precision and care with which we work.
Keeping an ancient tradition alive is an important task that we carry out with passion and competence.


The recovery of ancient processing techniques characterises our work. In the case of parchments in goat or lamb skin, which has been used as a writing material since the 2nd Century BC, we have adopted the same techniques that were used in Pergamon, an ancient city of Asia Minor. These techniques allows us to produce soft parchments that are ideal for the facsimile reproduction of medieval documents, press-printed in one colour at a time, just like in the old days.


Each work is designed and created to offer collectors and book-lovers a printed item that is impeccable in every detail, characterised by a high artistic quality and which expresses our laboratory’s profound sense of tradition.


our art creating exquisite books

  • 1

    Small books in parchment

    With us anyone can create their own illuminated parchment manuscript, on which writings, notes and drawings defy time - priceless works made to endure, to live with us, in an age where everything seems to last no more than a moment.

  • 2

    All unique pieces

    A book, an album, a notebook, a document worth keeping: all our creations are unique pieces worked artistically – for those who like to stand out, and those who love beauty.

  • 3

    Ecosustainable materials

    Our parchment is processed without the use of chemical products. The paper we use is of pure cotton and our covers are made from calfskin (tanned strictly without chromium) dyed with 100% natural plant-based pigments.

  • 4

    Product management

    In addition to supervising in detail the creation of each of its works, our company also pays special attention to their management, from storage to shipping.