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 Arte del Libro 

the Company


Founded in 1995, Arte del Libro is the result of decades of experience in the publishing and printing industry. In a short time the company became known for its carefully selected materials and wise use of machinery (as a simple aid for master bookbinders), in constant pursuit of solutions for creating products of the highest quality and with a great love of beauty.
In the creation and presentation of the products nothing is overlooked. Each item, in fact, is designed and decorated to offer collectors and bibliophiles an editorial product that manifests the strong sense of tradition of our Laboratory, which is known for its high artistic level and its revival of ancient techniques.
This is the secret of the success of Arte del Libro, in whose extraordinary creations art and craftsmanship come together, giving life to veritable gems guaranteed to please the eye as well as the mind.

About us

Arte del Libro is an Italian company specialized in arts bindery.
Our job is the result of a close and decennial collaboration with the most important Italian publishers, such as UTET in Turin, Treccani cultural institute, Editalia, Franco Cosimo Panini, Vatican Secret Archive. Together with them, we create high quality and prestigious bookbinding, which are unique: literal artworks in the form of book.
Raw materials for the craft creation of our works come from the territory in which we operate and from suppliers who have in common with us passion for this vocation, culture and manual skills.
Pure cotton paper, certified Tuscany leather, parchment to cover large format books and fine wood are some of the raw materials. When combined to the craftsmanship, professionalism and multiyear expertise for our employees they constitute the creation of unique masterpieces that cannot be repeated.
In December 2014, Arte del Libro joined Cose Belle d’Italia S.p.A. a Group that aggregates Italian companies and brands representing the excellence of Made in Italy.
Cose Belle d’Italia preserves and valorises the companies part of the Group within an integrated system inspired by the eternal values of beauty, culture and the Italian “bel vivere” lifestyle.
Arte del Libro reflects the mission of Cose Belle d’Italia: the objective of Arte del Libro is valorising the huge potentialities of craftsmanship, beauty and “Italianity” part of the Umbria firm’s DNA, aiming at consolidating within the Italian market as well as expanding internationally.


Arte del Libro has a production staff of 16 people, all of whom have years of experience and a high level of professional ability.
Benches with a wide variety of simple tools and machines form the backdrop for the hands which, with their skill, care and accuracy, represent the absolute and irreplaceable protagonists of the company. Most of our work, in fact, is performed by hand, carrying on a centuries-old tradition.
Yet behind this series of simple, routine, almost automatic gestures are years of research and experience, vivid intuitions, an atmosphere of active collaboration and friendship and, above all, a great love for the work.