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 Arte del Libro 


Fashioned with artisanal excellence, each work created by Arte del Libro is a truly unique piece, not ephemeral but designed to last.


Each Art Book is the end result of a project that involves the customer in the initial phase, a project that reflects the refined taste of the customer who still believes in the value of uniqueness. Thanks to the superior quality and durability of the materials used, each of Arte del Libro’s creations become a natural addition to the family heritage, to be handed down from generation to generation.

Books for events

Everyone can have there own illuminated manuscript..
An Art Book can, in fact, be customized in every detail - size, number of pages, type of cover, etc. – to become an invaluable keeper of family events such as weddings, christenings, confirmations, and so on, or important professional achievements such as a brilliant graduation thesis, or achievements in the field of art.
In these cases, due to the fact that such books are more extensively handled, both at home and by relatives, friends, etc. the cover is guaranteed strictly non-toxic according to current European and American standards.

Agendas, notebooks, diaries

Arte del Libro also offers a range of customized products such as diaries engraved with the family crest, notebooks in which both personal writings and graphic material may be reproduced. The unique and exclusive nature of these works also makes them an ideal gift, for example as agendas decorated with the logo of a company or a bank that wishes to be distinguished by its refined gifts to clients and collaborators.

Parchment for printing photos

The printing of a photograph on soft parchment such as that used exclusively by Arte del Libro guarantees results that are of an exquisite pictorial quality.
Besides being highly suited to press-printing, this type of parchment is also excellent for other printing techniques, including digital printing and printing in the darkroom.


Bookbinding in parchment, as it is carried out according to the Arte del Libro criteria, is ideal for embellishing a particularly well-loved book that deserves to be given special importance in the bookcase. It gives new life to the book by wrapping it in a new skin that will enable it to withstand the test of time.

Book management and delivery service

Every one of Arte del Libro’s books is subjected to a thorough final inspection to ensure it is perfect in every detail. Only flawless copies, after being numbered and signed in the Colophon, are sent on to be packed and stored, in ideal conditions, ready to be shipped in the manner and within the time agreed with the customer.